Almost there….

Some Kind of Hero is now with my editor, whom I know will do a great job of making something decent out of the hot mess I sent her. It’s also being beta’d by a couple of people who are not only big fans of Kayo, but are also known to be direct and to the point about things that don’t work.

Right now, I’m looking at hitting the “publish” button in early March.

Stay tuned for updates.

I’m still alive…

I want to apologize for having seemed to have dropped off the grid over the past few months. I hit a roadblock in Some Kind of Hero for a couple of weeks and in order to keep from going stir-crazy over writer’s block, I had an affair with another work in progress.

During that time, the credit card associated with paying for this site expired and the notice got lost in my junk folder.

However, I am pleased to announce that Some Kind of Hero is finished and is going to my Beta readers and editor. I appreciate the patience people have had waiting for this book and I promise it will be available as soon as it’s ready.

I have a cover!

Once again, the talented Rachel Bostwick has created a magnificent cover for one of my books.

So, since it seems that Some Kind of Hero now has a cover, I better get cracking on finishing the damned thing.

Additionally, not only does Rachel do kick-ass book covers, she also does book trailers and lots of other pieces of cool art.

Check her out at


So, I finally made a website. I started working on this about six months ago, when readers kept asking for the URL. I’ve never had a website before. Or a blog. But then again, I guess 2015 and 2016 are the years for “firsts”.

I do have to admit that I had some help and encouragement from a friend while experiencing the frustration of navigating the realm of site/blog design. Hell, writing and editing the damned novel was easier.

So, thanks Emily. I appreciate you not telling me to “stop bitching like a little girl” when I constantly whined about fighting with WordPress.

Now that I have a forum to post my thoughts and opinions and ramblings, any of you willing to take a ride down the rabbit hole to Neverland with me better strap in tight.

Things might get bumpy.