Not Dead Yet …

So, it’s been forever since I updated anything here. Life and other shit kind of got in the way and the progress on Just Like a Hero (Book #3) stalled out for about six months while I tried to figure out just where I wanted to go with it.

However, I am back at the keyboard, trying to get the first draft into some kind of state that will be relatively painless for my beta readers to endure. Right now, I would really like to be able to hit the publish button on it sometime around March/April of 2019. I know that’s a long time to wait, but I’m not going to rush to push out a story that sucks.

To my readers who have stuck with me, waiting patiently for a new Kayo book, you have my thanks and my promise that you will not have to wait too much longer.

I plan to keep up with updating this site and I’m also considering starting a newsletter to keep people informed of my workings and other stuff. Not sure if that’s something people actually want, but it’s still an idea.

Still Plugging Away

So, it’s been about a month and a half since Some Kind of Hero came out. So far, sales have been decent and a couple of reviews have been posted. All in all, the book has been well-received.

I’m about one week away from finishing my urban fantasy novel, Darkening of the Light. I’ve already got at least one beta reader lined up, an author whose works I’ve read and enjoyed. If you like great fantasy and/or urban fantasy, you would be amiss if you didn’t check out A.D. Trosper’s Dragon Call and Bound series.

Just Like a Hero (A Hesitant Hero #3) is in the planning stages. Actually writing should commence around late June. I promise not to make you wait as long as I did for book #2.

So far, so good

I’ve been rather happy about the way Some Kind of Hero has been received. Sales are steady and reviews are starting to come in. Of course, some people have loved the sequel, others not so much.

However, I welcome all feedback, even if some of it stings to read. Otherwise, how do I grow as a writer?

Right now, I’m working on a revision to a book I wrote before So Not a Hero, getting it ready for a couple of Betas who’ve expressed interest in it. It’s called Darkening of the Light. It’s a departure from the superhero genre, and is an urban fantasy dealing with various Fae Breeds.

I hope folks will enjoy it as much as they have the Hesitant Hero series.

Speaking of, the third Kayo book, Just Like a Hero, will be out in less than a year. I’ve finished sketching out the plot, and have started actually writing real chapters. It’s likely to be the last one, only because I’m a big fan of trilogies.

It’s Alive!

Well, not quite yet. Apparently there is a review process required before Amazon will make a book available to sell. (I should have remembered that from the first one.) However, Some Kind of Hero has been uploaded to both Amazon and Createspace and should be available to purchase sometime in the next 24 hours.

The Finish Line

Editorial revisions are complete. The manuscript is back with the editor for a final pass. The revised cover is done and the person doing the formatting is standing by, ready to covert the manuscript into Kindle and print modes.

Right now, I am aiming for a March 15th release date.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Getting closer…

Just got Some Kind of Hero back from my editor. Now I get to go through all her notes, comments, and suggestions to see about making this story purr like a kitten.

Update: Wow, there are a lot of colored bits.

Almost there….

Some Kind of Hero is now with my editor, whom I know will do a great job of making something decent out of the hot mess I sent her. It’s also being beta’d by a couple of people who are not only big fans of Kayo, but are also known to be direct and to the point about things that don’t work.

Right now, I’m looking at hitting the “publish” button in early March.

Stay tuned for updates.

I’m still alive…

I want to apologize for having seemed to have dropped off the grid over the past few months. I hit a roadblock in Some Kind of Hero for a couple of weeks and in order to keep from going stir-crazy over writer’s block, I had an affair with another work in progress.

During that time, the credit card associated with paying for this site expired and the notice got lost in my junk folder.

However, I am pleased to announce that Some Kind of Hero is finished and is going to my Beta readers and editor. I appreciate the patience people have had waiting for this book and I promise it will be available as soon as it’s ready.

I have a cover!

Once again, the talented Rachel Bostwick has created a magnificent cover for one of my books.

So, since it seems that Some Kind of Hero now has a cover, I better get cracking on finishing the damned thing.

Additionally, not only does Rachel do kick-ass book covers, she also does book trailers and lots of other pieces of cool art.

Check her out at