So far, so good

I’ve been rather happy about the way Some Kind of Hero has been received. Sales are steady and reviews are starting to come in. Of course, some people have loved the sequel, others not so much.

However, I welcome all feedback, even if some of it stings to read. Otherwise, how do I grow as a writer?

Right now, I’m working on a revision to a book I wrote before So Not a Hero, getting it ready for a couple of Betas who’ve expressed interest in it. It’s called Darkening of the Light. It’s a departure from the superhero genre, and is an urban fantasy dealing with various Fae Breeds.

I hope folks will enjoy it as much as they have the Hesitant Hero series.

Speaking of, the third Kayo book, Just Like a Hero, will be out in less than a year. I’ve finished sketching out the plot, and have started actually writing real chapters. It’s likely to be the last one, only because I’m a big fan of trilogies.

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