Still Plugging Away

So, it’s been about a month and a half since Some Kind of Hero came out. So far, sales have been decent and a couple of reviews have been posted. All in all, the book has been well-received.

I’m about one week away from finishing my urban fantasy novel, Darkening of the Light. I’ve already got at least one beta reader lined up, an author whose works I’ve read and enjoyed. If you like great fantasy and/or urban fantasy, you would be amiss if you didn’t check out A.D. Trosper’s Dragon Call and Bound series.

Just Like a Hero (A Hesitant Hero #3) is in the planning stages. Actually writing should commence around late June. I promise not to make you wait as long as I did for book #2.

3 thoughts on “Still Plugging Away

  1. I just picked up the first book on Audible due to a sale they had. I hadn’t heard anything about it and gave it a chance and really liked it. I noticed book 2 isn’t currently on Audible. Are there any plans for an audiobook release?


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